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Stonebarn’s Favourite Thing to Do With Fresh Truffle: Truffle Butter

Stonebarn Truffle Butter

Step 1: Open your fragrant fresh Stonebarn black Perigord truffle.

Step 2: Thinly slice with a truffle slicer, grater or peeler.

Step 3: Soften bought butter (or make your own).

Step 4: Chop the truffle into little black dots and stir through the butter.

Step 5: Use fresh for a week or so.

Step 6: For long lasting truffle butter form into a log using cling wrap and freeze.

Then slice off a circle as needed for bread, mashed potato, or melt over a steak. Will outlast the 3 month truffle season!

Alternatively if you haven’t got the time, just buy our very on Stonebarn Truffle Butter online at:, or from our shop at 3B Ruse St, Osborne Park (open Monday – Friday, 9am – 2pm).

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