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Stonebarn 100ml Truffle Oil

Stonebarn 100ml Truffle Oil

Truffle-lovers everywhere will be excited about our new, real black Perigord 100ml Truffle Oil alternative bottle.

If you’ve been looking for an oil to liven up your salads, meats, or veggies, then look no further! Indulge yourself in the rich, delectable, earthy flavour of the Perigord Truffle expertly infused with 100% Western Australian Extra Virgin Oil. You’ll be surprised at its versatility and how it adds an unrivalled flavour and aroma to any dish.

It can be drizzled over oven roasted vegetables, grilled or cured meat, or even pizza; stirred into salads, mashed potatoes and rice dishes; or added to vinaigrettes and sauces.

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